How to Burn Fat Fast At Home

How to burn fat fast at home

How To Burn Fat Fast At Home

Going to the gym and weight loss diets are often associated with losing body fat. Let's take a look at how to burn body fat fast at home with the best nutrition and exercise tips that'll help you reduce fat quickly and efficiently. Remember that when trying to slim down, we want to focus on reducing body fat while preserving our muscle mass, which means that both a structured physical activity regimen and a meal plan are highly recommended if you are seeking fast and efficient results.

How to Lose Fat Fast At Home

"You know what the secret to weight loss is? Don't eat much."

~ Simon Cowell

Nutrition to Efficiently Burn Fat Fast At Home

Nutrition plays a major role when attempting to burn fast fast at home. Overeating, especially at home, can easily set you back and make it more difficult to reach your goals. It's almost impossible to "out-exercise" a poor diet, so eating right is essential for weight loss.To lose fat, you need to create a calorie deficit – meaning you should use more energy than what you take in. This can be hard to do if your food intake/calorie consumption is too high.

It doesn't matter what kind of diet you follow, if you're trying to burn fat fast at home, the key is reducing your calorie intake. That's where all methods seem to agree.

There are lots of ways to approach dieting. You could steer clear of carbs and opt for a high-fat keto lifestyle, cut down on fatty foods & go for something low-calorie or intermittent fasting might be your thing.The key to fat loss is to find a plan you can follow and stick to it for the long term.  

But more than just following trends or counting calories, it's important to make sure you're eating nutritious food. Your body needs fuel in the form of healthy meals.

Before you start a diet, it's best to talk to your doc or a nutritionist for personalized guidance. Keeping the basic rules in mind like these can help you maintain a balanced diet that'll eventually help with fat loss.  

Don't forget to consider all three macronutrients–carbs, protein & fat. Not all of them have the same number of calories. Carbs and proteins both have 4kcal/gram while fat has 9kcal/gram, therefore cutting down on fat can help reduce the total number of calories you consume easily. For instance, cutting 10g of fat from your daily diet can help you burn double the amount of calories than if you were to decrease your carbs or protein intake by the same amount.

1. Consume more protein

Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy diet. Choose lean options over fatty meats, eat fish a few times per week & opt for plant-based proteins whenever you can. Protein also helps to keep you fuller for longer. Eating more protein will make you feel satisfied for longer and help cut down on snacking which can lower your daily calorie intake.

When in the kitchen, opt for healthy oils such as olive oil and ditch the saturated animal fats like butter or lard. Swap out unhealthy fats from fried foods and animal sources for healthier options like fatty fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

Ditch the sugary drinks & sweet treats and focus on healthier options.

When attempting to lose weight, specifically fat, having enough protein intake is key in maintaining muscle mass. Studies show that higher levels of protein during the journey are great for avoiding regaining weight and can help you focus on burning fat more efficiently.

Depending on the type of physical activity you do, you might need to add extra protein in your diet to maintain muscle mass while getting rid of fat.


2. Get enough fiber

If you're looking to shed some pounds, don't forget about fibre. Increase your intake of fruits, veggies and whole grains - they'll help you feel fuller for longer and aid in digestion. 

If you feel like you're not getting enough soluble fibre, why not try adding a supplement to your diet? Research suggests it could be beneficial in terms of fat loss.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated. Just focus on having a nutritious and balanced diet. That's all there is to it! Working towards your weight loss goals doesn't mean that you have to be hungry all the time. It's important to feel satisfied and make sure that you're eating properly so that you can achieve the results you want. Eating nutritious, whole foods and taking health supplements when you need to can be easy and a part of your long-term plan in order to get the body you want.


3. Add volume to your meals 

Bumping up the size of your meals could help you cut down on calories. If you know what to put into your meals, like plenty of veggies, lean proteins and wholegrain carbs, it'll make it easier for you to feel full and content after eating within the macronutrient requirements for fat loss.

Looking back to the basic fat loss equation, you need to be burning calories — that’s where exercise comes in. We all burn a different number of calories even when we aren’t exercising (known as our resting metabolic rate) based on our body size and composition.  

While it’s difficult to measure this number precisely — even in a laboratory setting — some equations can help you estimate how many calories you burn at rest.  

If you’re interested, check out the Harris-Benedict equation.

Exercise to Burn Fat Fast At Home

Physical activity is another key component when trying to lose fat fast at home. It will help you increase your metabolic rate and energy expenditure not to mention that the effect of exercise runs for about 12-24hrs after completion. 

1. Do anaerobic exercise (Weights, bands, etc)

People with more muscle mass tend to burn more calories when resting compared to people with a higher fat content. Muscle is like an active tissue that burns up energy whereas fat stores it without using as much.

A lot of people hit the gym to attain a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, which helps them burn calories in the long run. Building lean muscle mass through weightlifting or anaerobic exercises can give your metabolism a big boost. Basically, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you'll burn when you're resting. Though, you'd need to have considerably more lean muscle for it to make a real difference in energy expenditure.

"Drop sets" is an effective weightlifting strategy. You start with lifting heavier weights for a set number of reps and then move on to lighter weights, continuing the same exercise until your muscles can’t take it anymore. Working out smarter can help you get better results faster. Trying "super sets" is a great way to do this, where you target two opposite muscle groups back-to-back without rest time in between.

If you want to spice up your workouts, have a chat with a personal trainer about these strategies. They can help you make the most out of your routine.

2. Up Your Cardio (aerobic exercise)

When trying to slim down, exercise is a must. Aerobic activities come in many different forms and can be as simple as briskly walking or intense like HIIT - so you don't have to worry about breaking out the leg warmers and sweatbands!

Both aerobics and cardio are great for your overall health & well-being and should be included in your weekly regimen. They both have awesome benefits, so why not make use of them?

3. Add LISS to your routine (Low-Intensity Steady State)


LISS cardio is like your typical jogging session in the park. It involves working out at a low to moderate pace for way longer than other forms of cardio.

You could hit the pavement for a jog, hop on a bike, jump in the pool for a swim, or hit up an elliptical at the gym. Steady state cardio at a lower intensity is great for pretty much anyone. It keeps your heart rate in the ideal zone for burning fat and lasts longer than some other forms of exercise.

4. Add HIIT to your routine (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is the new way to do cardio and it's a real game-changer. Instead of running for miles, you'll be doing short intense bursts of exercises like sprints. It's an effective and efficient way to get fit and tone up!

HIIT workouts makes your body stronger, gets your heart rate up quicker and for a shorter time than LISS. You can teach yourself to recover faster and these can even help you perform better during the LISS exercises.

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